unknown unknown

hi, i’m tara,
im a chinese-american designer based in seattle,
exploring interconnectivity & care 🌱

*~ currently dormant ~* 🗻
slowly coming to terms with long covid
& disabling chronic illnesses 😶‍🌫️

another model home
automated utopias *COMING SOON*
slow rise *COMING SOON*
nomadic rhizome
case study: maison stein
case study: avelino duarte

design & new media
new rocks
a people’s history of capitalism
emoji keyboard
slow walks
encoded forest

orgs & collaboratives
TWTT Oakland BIPOC Residency
this will take time
world wide west
walking public
workshop9 collective

co-founder 💾🌵 “disk cactus” 
lead designer @ social print studio

tara tí shi