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Hi, my name is Tara Shi.
I’m a designer and arts organizer based in Berkeley, CA. Currently, I co-direct This Will Take Time, and am pursuing a Master of Architecture at UC Berkeley’s CED. Previously, I co-founded 💾🌵(diskcactus) and led design at Social Print Studio.

some recent work:

Meet Me Place (2018)
Nomadic Rhizome (2017)
Case Study: Maison Stein (2018)
Case Study: Avelino Duarte (2017)

design + new media
New Rocks (2017)
A People’s History of Capitalism  (2017)
Emoji Keyboard (2016)
Slow Walks (2016 - ongoing)
Encoded Forest (2016)

This Will Take Time
World Wide West
Walking Public

💾🌵(disk cactus)
Social Print Studio