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Meet Me Place

200A Studio: Introduction to Design  -  Kyle Steinfeld, Eleanor Pries, Ron Rael

The Meet Me Place is a fictional mashup of our digital worlds becoming physical. This project asked us to produce a chimera, an esquisite corpse of sorts mined from past studio works, patents and diagrams to form find, while imagining a narrative and inhabitants based on a manifesto of our design intentions. 

In this world, you are not alone.

In fact, you might never be alone again. Our bodies are more than connected, they are shared. Helping hands arise whenever we are challenged, in the home or in the streets. Our new eyes give us super powers, allowing us to see the environment like never before. All the while, we invented and rediscovered new ways of caring for ourselves, and each other.

With this came new dreams. You – we, are fluid, entangled, animal, ambiguous, and android - and we demanded that our spaces on and offline meet us there.

In early days, the Meet Me Places were pretty awkward. The people in power could only see themselves, and therefore make for themselves. Their glossy visions were too shiny to see far beyond. but we got tired of that old game and invented new ones. We made new ways of connecting that seemed impossible to imagine before. Systems based on relationships, not capital. Or something like that.

But anyways, You’re late!

You swipe aside another pair of nikes and swipe your party shorts. Time to head over to go to the Meet Me Room! —- everybody’s waiting!

You hop out of your super furniture and hop into your filter bubble and begin to stream. You channel down the cold aisle as the bespoke prisms of your headgear warm up. It’s nice that Meet Me Places weren’t burning hot anymore, like that original Infomart you used to frequent in Dallas.

As you cross the POE, the Point of Entrance, you take a moment to admire the lux new interface. This version is so much thinner and even more transparent than the last. You try out a couple of gestures...but are interrupted by a herd of the #catsofinstagram running towards you. Each one is so photogenic and cute, its hard to pick which one to “love”. One of them meows hungrily. You can’t deny it. You order them some fast food, double tap a couple of them and keep on.

You’re almost at the Point of Presence. Looking out across the platform, you spot a server farmer browsing to join you. Upstream, a couple of hacker tourists are tuning in from the Chill Info Spa. 3 of your 18 digital doppelgängers are also live streaming.
Finally, you and the other proxies are together-together, after being alone-together for so long. The Meet Me Room slows down into a parallax mode.

Before know it, your head-mounted device vibrates. You tap the cuff of your visor for five more minutes, but it’s getting late and it’s time to say goodbye. Together, you perform a last two finger gesture, bringing the portal to the demarcation point and log off.



additional scenes from the Meet Me Place


3 samples of the urban fabric

source materials ; early sketches for the Chill Info Spa and superfurniture


Recognition: 2018 CED Circus participant

Walking Public

Nomadic Rhizome