Keep Digging

I'm Tara, a designer + organizer based in Northern California.
Right now I am in: Point Arena, California
Doing: building a gravel bed


γ€° Thanks everyone for coming out to see and touch New Rocks, our final piece completed while in Residence at Autodesk this past fall. More content coming soon..

γ€° Open Calls 2017: THIS WILL TAKE TIME seeks residents for summer, fall and winter in Point Arena, CA. Apply now

γ€° Slow-walking is my first video exploration documenting life on the ground in Oslo, Bergen and other parts of Norway, home of the infamous Slow TV. Find the growing collection of walks here.


A lot of my time goes towards building organizations, living projects that are performed collectively and unfold over time.

Some on-going collaborations include:


This Will Take Time

Walking Public

World Wide West

Previously, I led design at Social Print Studio, of which I am proud to be a founding member.

Working on it

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email or you can find me on Instagram